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Innovative Data Visualization Application by Azara Healthcare

Azara Healthcare, a leading provider of population health management solutions, announced today the launch of Azara Cost & Utilization, its new application for effectively managing cost and utilization challenges across patient populations. This powerful addition to the Azara DRVS population health platform leverages Azara’s ability to aggregate and integrate claims and clinical data, enabling provider organizations to confidently manage value-based care arrangements.

Through the use of advanced analytics and interactive visualizations, users can identify trends and outliers—from the population level down to the patient level—that are driving costs and contributing to excessive utilization. Azara Cost & Utilization also provides a view of network leakage, identifying in- and out-of-network services to deliver the information needed to manage provider networks more efficiently and effectively.
Azara Cost & Utilization enables organizations to:

  • Improve success in value-based care contracts through identification of high-cost/high-utilization members who can benefit from care management or other more cost-efficient forms of care.
  • Understand costs across all components of the provider network and identify opportunities for improvement at the network, practice, and provider levels.
  • Recognize avoidable inpatient and emergency department (ED) episodes and implement remediation plans where appropriate.
  • Risk stratify patient populations utilizing advanced risk algorithms.
  • Gain insight into a network’s usage and leakage patterns—identifying opportunities to expand the network and manage referral trends to help ensure providers are referring in-network when possible.

“As healthcare organizations continue on their value-based care journey, having quick access to cost and utilization data helps practices easily identify their highest risk and highest cost members,” said Jeff Brandes, Azara’s President & CEO. “Not only does this help improve the bottom line, but also positively impacts the patient experience, continuity of care, and overall health of the patient populations our clients are committed to serving.”

The Azara Cost & Utilization application requires Azara DRVS.   

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About Azara Healthcare
Azara Healthcare is the leading provider of quality measurement, analytics and reporting for the Community Health and physician practice market.  Azara solutions empower more than 1,000 Community Health Centers, physician practices, Primary Care Associations, Health Center Controlled Networks, and clinically integrated networks in 40 states to improve the quality and efficiency of care for more than 25 million Americans through actionable data.