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Invested in Your Success

Azara is committed to the success of our clients with dedicated teams and tools in place to help assure that your use of Azara DRVS is optimized to drive improvements in care delivery.



Delivery Solutions

Azara’s Delivery Solutions team is focused on ensuring our client's success from day one forward. During implementation, our dedicated team enables new customers to quickly and easily implement and adopt Azara DRVS at their organization. Following successful onboarding, Azara Support is available to answer questions, resolve issues, and maintain data streams for products and modules. The Azara support model empowers our customers with self-service tools to complement the one-to-one interaction.  Delivery Solutions continues to work with our clients while they implement additional modules, perform advanced data validation or make changes within their HIT environment.  Delivery Solutions’ unique data quality program allows the Azara Data Quality team to ensure all data coming into Azara DRVS continues to be an accurate representation of the care being delivered. 

Clinical Transformation & Product Adoption Services

Azara’s Clinical Transformation & Product Adoption Services team empowers clients to effectively leverage Azara tools to drive clinical and operational improvement. The team provides a post-implementation strategic roadmap and training to assist practices in integrating Azara tools and information into the workflows of daily operations and establish sustainable best practices for ensuring long-term data hygiene. Our experts also provide strategic and consultative services to networks and practices, deliver customized training, change transformation services, and thought leadership to help elevate users’ understanding and use of Azara solutions.

Client Success

Azara’s Client Success team helps clients optimize the use of Azara products and educates users on offerings to improve understanding of Azara tools.  Our Client Success team possesses a deep knowledge of healthcare and understands how to utilize data and population health management tools to improve care, operations, and associated measure performance with the goal of maximizing return on investment.

Annual User Conference

The Azara Annual User Conference is an opportunity for Azara users of all levels to take part in workshops, educational sessions, and networking events. Our growing national conference enables clients to meet, share best practices and ideas, further knowledge and skills, and collaborate with the Azara team.

Comprehensive Training Solutions

Build confidence in all aspects of DRVS reporting with multiple tiers of training designed to meet your organization’s evolving needs. From self-guided training available anytime to customized workshops and support, Azara’s Comprehensive Training Solutions help build confidence in all aspects of DRVS reporting. By investing in training, organizations can promote a culture of data literacy and quality improvement. Customers have the flexibility to choose the tier of training that best meets the unique needs of their organization.