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What Can We Help You Accomplish?

Azara solutions facilitate care transformation, drive quality improvement, aid in cost reduction, and simplify mandated reporting.

Learn how Azara can help meet your organization’s unique goals:


Improve Quality & Patient Outcomes

Leverage clinical data from multiple data sources to develop a complete picture of the patient— allowing clinical staff and population health analysts to easily understand and act on data to drive high-quality and improved outcomes.


Effectively Manage Cost & Utilization

Integrate payer eligibility and claims data to reveal opportunities to positively impact and manage Total Medical Expense (TME).  Identify high-cost patients that need care management services and understand network performance down to the clinician level. > Learn More


Increase Patient Engagement

Improve patient care and close care gaps by conducting targeted outreach programs utilizing patient information already contained and curated within Azara DRVS. Engage patients through pre-configured “Set it and Forget it” programs that automatically initiate patient contact (via text), track response and follow-up actions, adjust outreach efforts, and quantify results. > Learn More


Manage & Coordinate Care

Support care managers and care activities for designated populations (high-risk, chronic disease, etc.) with well-organized, detailed information on individual patients aggregated and reconciled across EHR, Claims, and ADT data. Simplify care coordination and increase performance by documenting outreach activities, prioritizing members, and closing care gaps—all in one place. > Learn More


Advance Productivity & Collaboration

Facilitate practice transformation by using solutions that support highly efficient, team-based care delivery models. Improve care team efficacy, focus resources on patients in greatest need of intervention, and grow your practice’s ability to see patients when they need to be seen. Plan, prepare, and review upcoming patient appointments with easy access to each patient’s demographic information, chronic conditions, and risk factors, as well as actionable alerts to help improve patient care and address care gaps. > Learn More


Integrate SDOH Data

Understand and take action based on your patient population’s Social Drivers of Health.  Collect and quantify SDOH data to break down barriers to care and improve outcomes for patient populations. Combine EHR data with screening results and demographic information for a multi-faceted picture of a patient’s health. > Learn More




Payer Integration and Care Gap Reconciliation

DRVS offers a set of dashboards, reports, and measures which incorporate data from Health Plans and other payers (member eligibility and attribution, claims, utilization, risk, cost, etc.) with clinical data extracted from the EHRproviding a 360-degree view and deep insight into patients’ healthcare utilization across the full spectrum of care delivery.

The Care Gap Reconciliation Report shows differences between EHR records and payer care gap reports for quality measures in DRVS.



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