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Azara Healthcare is dedicated to providing responsive DRVS support for its customers through email, phone, and an online support ticket submission process. We also provide training and resources for you to effectively use DRVS and learn and share new ideas on how to optimize the tool to transform your practice.

Azara Healthcare offers business hour phone and email support for application and technical issues. Azara asks its clients to centralize support at their organization. Typically, the PCA or HCCN appoints a data analyst to work with its centers and data to help them get the most from DRVS. We suggest that clients route their support requests through this in-house expert(s) where applicable.

 Resources & Webinars

DRVS Help offers a comprehensive set of resources for all levels of users.  New users can access a 'Get Started Using DRVS' quick start section to learn the basics of the tool; more advanced users can take advantage of User Guides consisting of detailed functionality documentation, Playbooks tailored for specific roles, and Quick Tip Clip videos which quickly guide users through key DRVS functionality. 

Azara webinars are also available to users in the DRVS Help section, accessible through your unique DRVS login. These webinars are designed to enhance understanding of functionality, share best practices from around the country, and hear from peers on how they’ve used Azara products to achieve success in patient care, quality reporting, value-based payments, and more. DRVS Help is also where you can view the schedule and register for upcoming live webinars or access recordings of all past content anytime.