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Expanding Population Health Capabilities: Azara and CHCANYS Collaborate

Azara Healthcare, the 2023 Best in KLAS provider of population health and value-based care solutions is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS).

Expanded race, ethnicity and language (REaL) features in the Center for Primary Care Informatics’ (CPCI) statewide data reporting and analytics solution, powered by Azara DRVS, enable community health centers (CHCs) to provide more culturally-tailored care for the populations they serve as they work to address inequities in healthcare. CPCI, the CHCANYS initiative built around Azara DRVS, facilitates clinical practice transformation and quality improvement for population health. CHCANYS administers the CPCI program and promotes adoption, along with providing HIT related training and technical assistance through the New York Statewide Health Center Controlled Network (NYS-HCCN).

With this new capability, CHCs are able to take existing race, ethnicity, and language data from their electronic health records and map this data into custom defined groups. Using these custom defined race, ethnicity or language groupings, health centers can easily stratify and filter their patient population and outcome reporting with a more focused health equity lens.

“Community Health Center patients represent New York State residents who are disproportionately and negatively impacted by systemic inequities that lead to health disparities,” said Rose Duhan, CHCANYS President and CEO. “Improved race and ethnicity data collection and reporting will enable CHCs to highlight differences in clinical outcomes, and design care for patients that will have the greatest impact on improving their health.”

Gaps in healthcare access persist for communities across the country, influenced by factors like race, ethnicity, and language. Accurate and insightful REaL data collection plays a vital role in understanding these disparities while paving the way for improved healthcare access for all.

“Variation within and between a patient’s and a population’s health exist because healthcare organizations lack accurate data and tools to navigate the intersection between health disparities, race, and ethnicity,” said Jeff Brandes, President & CEO of Azara Healthcare. “It is imperative that CHCs adopt a granular approach to the collection and utilization of patients’ race and ethnicity data in order to impact health equity and improve the health and lives of their patients.”

Expanded REaL features and functionality are available to all organizations using Azara DRVS. To learn more, contact

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Azara Healthcare, the 2023 Best in KLAS population health management solution, is the leading provider of quality measurement, analytics and reporting for the Community Health and physician practice market. Azara solutions empower more than 1,000 Community Health Centers, physician practices, Primary Care Associations, Health Center Controlled Networks, and clinically integrated networks in 42 states to improve the quality and efficiency of care for more than 25 million Americans through actionable data. To learn more about Azara Healthcare, visit

The Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS) is New York's Primary Care Association (PCA), a membership organization representing New York’s 70-plus Community Health Centers (CHCs). CHCs provide care for 1-in-9 New Yorkers at more than 800 locations across the state.

CHCs are a “one-stop shop” for health care, providing high quality primary and preventive care and support services to all New Yorkers, regardless of their immigration status, insurance coverage, or ability to pay. Each CHC has a Board of Directors comprised primarily of people who live in the communities they serve. For almost 50 years, CHCANYS has represented a diverse membership, from the large metropolitan community health systems of New York City to the rural health centers of Upstate and Western New York, and everything in between.

CHCANYS provides training and technical assistance to New York’s CHCs in areas including clinical quality improvement, emergency management, data and technology, workforce development, and compliance and operations. CHCANYS also supports CHCs through policy and advocacy work, strengthening and focusing health center voices at the local, state, and federal levels.