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All Things Data

    Thoughts on HL7 FHIR


    One of the most exciting developments in health IT in the last few years has been HL7's FHIR (pronounced "fire") standard. In a time when most providers are finally using electronic health records, many still lament the challenges associated with...

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    Clinical Quality Measure Age Logic

    Most clinical quality measures have some sort of age criteria. Consider NQF 0418, the depression screening and follow-up measure. The basic description is:

    Percentage of patients aged 12 years and older screened for depression on the date of the...

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    Anatomy of a Measure - Exclusion Confusion

    When it comes to clinical quality measures, “exclusions” are a surprisingly tricky concept. The basic idea is simple - some patients should be excluded from a quality measure. Think adult weight screening measure and pregnant patients or the breast...

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    We deal with a lot of data here at Azara. I mean a lot of data.  We gather information from hundreds of unique sources and collate this data into the numerous reports and measures that our customers use in the DRVS application. In a perfect world,...

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    Anatomy of a Measure: Age Ranges

    One of the most basic components of most clinical quality measures (CQM's) is a check of the patient's age. For an indicator like the Breast Cancer Screening measure, of course, we only want to include women within a clinically relevant age range....

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