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Pulse Check:
An Inside Look at How Organizations
are Transitioning to Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care: Three Signs of Progress & Three Opportunities for Advancement

Value-based care (VBC) offers a tantalizingly positive array of outcomes for everyone. Yet, as healthcare organizations have set out to navigate their own transition to value-based care, most notice the path is not well-defined.

To hear firsthand how organizations feel their transitions are progressing, Azara Healthcare conducted an independent survey of 91 healthcare leaders at a mix of independent physician groups, hospitals, and health systems. The results – three undeniable signs of progress and three future opportunities – offer a pulse check on the current state of value-based care: its progress, its pitfalls, and its room for growth.


Download the report to learn:

  • How much revenue organizations believe will come from VBC initiatives in the next three years
  • If VBC initiatives are positively or negatively impacting organization’s financial health
  • How organizations are incentivizing participation in VBC initiatives
  • What level of maturity organizations believe their VBC programs are currently at, and data-driven advice for advancing progress
  • Clinical leaders’ familiarity with value-based care and how optimistic they are about the years ahead

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