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Points of Light 2023
Case Study

Points of Light Cover Mock BadgeImproving Equity in Healthcare Access through Improved Data Exchange

Azara Healthcare has been named a recipient of the KLAS Payer/Provider Points of Light Award in collaboration with the HealthFirst health plan, two provider organizations located in New York, and the Community Health Care Association of New York State.

The Points of Light Award celebrates success stories from payers, providers and healthcare technology companies that work collaboratively to align care delivery with health plan sponsor initiatives to reduce inefficiencies and improve the patient experience.

Poor interoperability between payers and providers negatively impacts many areas, including care quality, administrative workload, and documentation for regulatory requirements. With a shared goal of improving care for all patients, the collaborators in this case study worked together to automate the data exchange process and make it easier for providers to identify and close care gaps. This improved interoperability has increased preventive care, improved quality measure performance, and enabled providers to better address patient needs at the point of care.

Download the case study for key findings:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Collaborators
  3. Points of Friction—Challenges to Be Solved
  4. Action Plan—How the Collaborators Worked Together to Reduce Friction
  5. Points of Light—Outcomes Achieved through Collaboration
  6. Lessons Learned—What Best Practices Can Other Organizations Replicate?
  7. What's Next?—Vision for the Future

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