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Q&A with Jeff Brandes: What's unique about Azara; what's next?

The Azara Community recently sat down with Azara Healthcare team members to hear their perspectives on a wide range of issues related to the use of data at community health centers. In this segment, Jeff Brandes, President & CEO,  discusses what makes Azara and its DRVS  analytics and reporting platform unique, as well as what's in store for the company. 

  On what’s unique about Azara . . .

One of the things that makes Azara very unique is it’s business model, and specifically the way we delivery software over the Internet. This is especially important to community health centers, who typically don’t have large IT staffs and infrastructure to maintain hardware and software.

In our case, out in a secure location within the Internet, we store the data, we operate the servers, we maintain the servers, and an individual center can access their data through a Web browser from anywhere. It makes it very simple and easy to use. There are no heavy requirements for the user - just a Web browser, a username and password.

 On what’s next for Azara . . .

Over the next year we are going to be expanding the breadth and depth of the DRVS product and its offering in a very significant manner. If the breath aspect, we plan to move from just medical information to dental and behavioral health and be able to include those metrics within our reports.

From a depth perspective, we believe that over the long-term, connecting the clinical measures with the cost and risk associated with each individual patient will give health centers and providers a full view of the patients that they serve and better identify means to serve them best.