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No Pandemic Free Pass - UDS Reports Still Due February 15th!

We are officially less than 100 days away from the UDS submission deadline, and here at Azara the Support team is already hard at work answering questions about UDS reports in DRVS.  As we all know, UDS “season” can be stressful, so we encourage our customers to begin to validate their data early and check it often.

To kick things off, last week, we held the first of 10 UDS Open Q&A Sessions where 60 attendees got a great overview of UDS Tables 3, 4, & 5 in DRVS as well as common issues and validation approaches.

Learn more and register for upcoming UDS Open Q&A Sessions here.

Though the UDS 2020 season might just be starting, 214 related tickets have already been submitted to Azara support, and we’ve resolved 58% of them. Of the tickets that are still open:

  • 6% are waiting to close
  • 34% are waiting for customer response
  • 36% are open but were moved forward in the past week

While it might seem like there is still a lot of time left to map workflows, clean up data, and tie up loose ends, there’s no time like the present to get your issues resolved. We encourage you to ask us a question or send us a patient example of a mapping issue.  Please use the secure Azara support portal and remember to never send PHI via regular e-mail.

We look forward to helping you through another UDS submission cycle.