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Maple City Health Care - A Podcast Worth Listening To with Dr. James Gingerich

The team at Azara loves to learn about the incredible impact that the Community Health Centers (CHCs) we work with are making within their communities.

Samuel Bar, Azara’s Implementation Business Team Lead, passed along a recent episode of his favorite healthcare podcast," An Arm and a Leg," featuring Dr. James Gingerich of Maple City Health Care (MCHCC) in Goshen, Indiana. Dr. Gingerich, Maple City’s founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Medical Officer shares the health center's not-so-secret formula for improving patient engagement and health outcomes for their patients.

Let's start with a few essential facts about this Federally Qualified Health Center:

• 77% of MCHCC patients live on incomes below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
• 69% are Hispanic or Latino
• 100% of the staff are bilingual in Spanish and English
• Over half of the patients are uninsured or under-insured
• Patients pay for services in many ways (learn more in the podcast!)
• $5 onsite prescriptions ensure patients get their vital medicines
• Structured care items like labs are at no cost
• Provider daily schedules allow time for patients to get tests and screenings done immediately

Dr. Gingerich founded the clinic over 30 years ago with the vision of improving healthcare through his experience with Mennonite outreach projects. Outreach to him meant building relationships, and as he started his education, he could see a clear path to make a difference in his community.

"I went to medical school, not because I wanted to be a doctor — I went to medical school because I wanted to do this project."

Today, the center's quality outcomes are significantly higher compared to other clinics. Along with running this thriving health center, Dr. Gingerich is also an avid DRVS user. In fact, Dr. Gingerich holds the distinction of the most support tickets submitted to Azara by an individual two years running. And we are proud to say that Azara DRVS analytics and reporting tools allow the doctor to track MCHH’s success.

These are a few of the recent scores that he shared.

Childhood vaccinations - 84% (average 27%)
Cervical cancer screenings - 94% (average 51%)
Colorectal cancer screenings - 84% (average 35%)

Check out more DRVS dashboards and measures on the MCHCC website.

You will also hear in the podcast about how MCHCC improves care by "meeting people where they are." The center believes in knowing a person's whole story,  and uses the morning huddle sessions along with the DRVS Patient Visit Planning (PVP) report to discuss and prepare for the day's visits. Their dedicated staff stays focused on using all of their resources to care for the patients knowing improved outcomes will follow.

By keeping the faith that they will find a way for their patients and creating a culture of sufficiency, Dr. Gingerich continues to tell a community success story of "transformation, change, and hope." A story that I hope goes on for many decades to come.

 Click here to listen to the podcast