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DRVS Tip of the Week: The Importance of Training

Azara DRVS is becoming so intuitive that when users like the Missouri Quality Improvement Network (MOQuIN) get together to discuss their DRVS initiatives, “They talk about the data; they don’t talk about the tool,” said Greg Augustine, vice president of operations.

Yet while that is a great thing, it’s important to schedule training to get the most out of the Software as a Service.

“Occasional retraining is very important for keeping people thinking about different uses and questioning the current uses they have to understand the data that comes out,” said Mark Josephson, Clinical & Business Systems Data Analyst at the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, which has been instrumental in Azara’s product design for DRVS due to a successful pilot to analyze de-identified data from more than a dozen participating health centers in the Bay State.

“There are a lot of nuances in any type of reporting system,” Josephson said. “Being able to understand the flexibility of the reporting system we have, understand what the data is that comes out, and how you can use it is critical.”

While some centers are using reports at a high level, when they drill in and filter it different ways, they discover they can put the same data to different uses, for outreach or capacity planning.

The Mass League recently ran a successful DRVS webinar for training purposes, Josephson said. The organization’s steering committee meets to discuss wider HIT issues, but spends a lot of energy on DRVS, exchanging best practices. They have also started different EMR user groups, “but a lot of the effort is still going center to center.”


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People learn in different ways! What's on your agenda? Have you ever used a Twitter Chat or online forum for training? How did it go?