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VIDEO: Apples to Apples - Why Data Normalization Matters for Comparison and Quality

"Apples to apples" is a common phrase used to describe a fair comparison between different items, and one that is particularly important in healthcare data. As Heather Budd, vice president of clinical transformation at Azara Healthcare explains in this original informational video, the existence of numerous measure defining bodies, such as the National Quality Forum and Unified Data System, has created much industry confusion. Azara DRVS, a web-based data and reporting analytics platform, is intended to help users navigate the differences between the defining bodies and dymistify the process.

In the video, Budd uses Diabetes A1C<8 as defined by NQF as an example and explains how DRVS collects, normalizes and makes sense of the data so providers can make use of it with greater ease.