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Azara Volunteer Day at Community Servings

A volunteer team from Azara Healthcare recently helped out at Community Servings - a not-for-profit food and nutrition program providing services throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses.

We had lots of fun and our efforts contributed to the 650,000 meals that will be delivered to 2,300 critically ill individuals and their families. We spent our time shredding chicken, chopping mushrooms and carrots, filling soup and salad bowls, and packaging and sealing dinner meals.

It was a great volunteer day for all of us!

Also, check out the Massachusetts Food is Medicine State Plan, a first-in-the-nation comprehensive analysis of food insecurity and vision for integrating food and nutrition interventions into the healthcare system.

The State Plan, launched at the State House, is the culmination of a two-year initiative led by Community Servings and Harvard Law School’s Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation involving consumer interviews, surveys of health providers, data analysis, and GIS mapping — resulting in a set of 15 recommendations on enhancing nutrition interventions. The State Plan also identifies 26 high priority areas of the state, based on high levels of food insecurity, limited vehicle access, and chronic disease rates.

We are so grateful for our time spent at Community Servings and we hope to help out again soon! If you have some time to give, information on volunteering can be found here.  Individuals and groups welcome!