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Azara DRVS Across the Country

Azara DRVS is gaining traction in states across the country. We thought you'd enjoy reading about the various initiatives powered by DRVS in states as small as Massachusetts and as large as California. In the coming weeks, we'll take you on a road trip so you can bring back some inspiration for your health center.

We've already written to some extent about the collaboration among community health centers (CHCs) in Massachusetts to improve quality and reporting through nightly data pulls -- as well as the grant-winning cancer registry being built in New York State.

In our "DRVS Across the Country" series, we'll also look at a Massachusetts immunization registry, a Missouri home health initiative, and the research at UCLA into care delivery from medical assistants for chronic illnesses, among other intriguing projects.

But first, let's put some numbers on the map:

*  Azara DRVS is being used at 45 sites in New Mexico--half of the Federally Qualified Health Centers in the fifth-largest state in the country, where "people drive two hours to go to the doctor," said Greg Augustine, Azara's vice president of operations.

The cloud-based software is also being used at:

* 23 health centers in Missouri

* 15 in Massachusetts

*13 in New York State

* 4 in California

* 2 in Washington State

--and more are in the works.

What would you like to read about? Are you embarking on a data-driven initiative? Let me know in an email, or share your project below. Follow @LauraBSmith1 for frequent updates to the Azara Community!