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Innovating through Crisis
How Valley Professionals Community Health Center Improved Patient Engagement Following the Pandemic



Valley Professionals Community Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), offers integrated care, behavioral health, and related services to vulnerable populations in West Central Indiana. Annually, Valley Professionals manages over 100,000 patient visits and serves more than 25,000 residents across eight sites.

The Challenge

Like many FQHCs, Valley Professionals faced significant challenges in maintaining patient engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic reduced patient willingness to attend regular wellness visits and child immunization appointments. By the end of 2020, completion rates for well child visits (ages 12-21) were only 40%, and childhood immunization rates were at a concerning 15.7%.

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Traditional outreach methods were not sufficiently effective in addressing care gaps, especially in an environment where staff were already spread thin and interventions were increasingly critical. The existing system lacked the capability to conduct targeted and automated outreach that could adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances and patient needs.

Gaps in patient communication impacted the center’s ability to meet quality measures and maintain operational efficiency, while also posing a risk to the health of the community. 

“The pandemic highlighted our vulnerabilities in patient engagement. Our overburdened team realized that our existing methods were not equipped to handle the scale of outreach needed.”
- Ashby Wilcox, Director of Quality & Community Resources,Valley Professionals

The Solution

Recognizing the need to enhance patient engagement and improve care gap closure, Valley Professionals adopted the Azara Patient Outreach (APO) solution, an advanced extension of their existing Azara DRVS system. Utilizing patient data within DRVS,
APO enabled automated, targeted outreach, significantly reducing manual efforts and improving patient response rates.

Key Features and Benefits of the Azara Patient Outreach Tool:

Automated Outreach Programs: APO’s “Set it and Forget it” programs automate patient contact, reducing staff workload and ensuring consistent communication.

Dynamic Patient Engagement: APO sends timely reminders via text message for overdue immunizations and well-child visits, improving preventive care adherence.

Data-Driven Insights: DRVS Dashboards track the efficacy of outreach efforts, providing real-time improvements in care gap closure.

Efficient Resource Allocation: APO enables targeted and consistent outreach to unengaged and/or patients with care gaps and is not dependent on having staff available to conduct outreach.

Valley Key OutcomesThe Results

Following the implementation of APO in 2021, Valley Professionals launched several targeted outreach campaigns focused on closing care gaps for well visits ages 3-21 and childhood immunizations. Leveraging Azara’s pre-configured messaging campaigns, Valley Professionals utilized automated text messages at optimal times that aligned with their ability to manage incoming calls and complete follow-up efficiently. 

These initiatives enabled Valley Professionals to actively address critical health measures, preventing missed opportunities for essential services. APO also facilitated streamlined communication within care teams, unburdening them from manual tasks and boosting confidence in their ability to deliver comprehensive care.

Azara Patient Outreach in conjunction with DRVS, allowed for:

Improved Health Measures: Enhanced clinical measures for well visits and immunizations directly impacted patient health positively.

Comprehensive Data Management: Enabled more precise tracking and reporting of patient engagement and health outcomes.

Provider and Patient Engagement: More efficient campaigns led to increased provider satisfaction and patient participation in preventive healthcare. Staff are now able to focus on other important initiatives to support patients’ social care needs.

“The integration of Azara DRVS and the patient engagement tool has been truly transformative,” said Wilcox. “Employing APO goes beyond merely achieving metrics—it fundamentally enhances our quality of care, leading to significant improvements in patient outcomes.”

Valley Professionals’ strategic use of Azara’s DRVS and APO has resulted in enhanced clinical measures, better data management, and increased provider and patient satisfaction—empowering the care team to focus on what matters most—the health and well being of their patients.

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