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2022 ONC Real World Test Plan

General Information

Plan Report ID: Azara_DRVS_TP_2022_01
Developer Name: Azara Healthcare, LLC
Product Name(s): Azara DRVS
Version Number(s): DRVS 32, DRVS 33
Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) ID(s):
Developer Real World Testing Page URL:


The overall approach of the real world testing plan for Azara DRVS is focused on assessing the usage of clinical quality measures as implemented and certified for the module Clinical quality measures (CQMs) — report. Azara DRVS is marketed to be used in any setting with access to an internet browser by multiple types of organizations. Testing methods will measure the overall usage of the certified CQMs by categories of users over the measurement year. Measure results showing no usage by all user types would be a scenario that might indicate a technical failure of the product to provide access to users to the certified CQM reports. All other non-zero results will be considered as a rate of usage by different user types, as opposed to test failures.


Standard (and version): Not applicable
Updated certification criteria and associated product: Not applicable
Health IT Module CHPL ID: Not applicable
Method used for standard update: Not applicable
Date of ONC ACB notification: Not applicable
Date of customer notification (SVAP only): Not applicable
Conformance measure: Not applicable
USCDI updated certification criteria (and USCDI version): Not applicable


Description of Measurement/Metric
Measurement/Metric Description
Certified clinical quality measure report usage Rate of usage of certified clinical quality measure by a user of a specified care setting during a specified time frame who has viewed at least one clinical quality measure in the last year.


Associated Certification Criteria List
Measurement/Metric Associated Certification Criteria
Certified clinical quality measure report usage § 170.315(c)(3) - Clinical quality measures (CQMs) — report


Justification for Selected Measurement/Metric
Measurement/Metric Justification
Certified clinical quality measure report usage Users of the DRVS application access the certified clinical quality measure reports in a method that is captured by audit mechanisms.


Care Setting(s)
Care Setting Justification
Community Health Center Users from this care setting represent a customer base that is using the clinical quality measure to close gaps in patient populations on Medicaid and other subsidized insurance plans
Physician practices Users from this care setting represent a customer base that is using the clinical quality measure to close gaps in patient populations more likely on commercial insurance plans.
Primary Care Associations Users from this care setting represent a customer base that is reviewing the performance on clinical quality measures of multiple centers and practices to assess quality of care


Expected Outcomes
Measurement/Metric Expected Outcomes
Certified clinical quality measure report usage Real World Testing will show that more than 0% of users that have viewed a certified clinical quality measures in the past timeframes will successfully have accessed the measure results in a test time frame







Key Milestone Date/timeframe
Initial development of the Real World Testing plan October 31, 2021
Release of the Real World Testing plan to Azara website November 1, 2021
Develop protocol for data collection as database query or access of usage reports from DRVS UI January 15, 2022
Development of candidate list of users at representative care settings February 2022
Begin collection of usage data as described in the plan March 2022
Data collection and review. Quarterly, 2022
End of Real World Testing period/final collection of all data for analysis. January 2023
Analysis and report creation January 15, 2023
Submit Real World Testing report to ACB (per their instructions) February 1, 2023


















All information in this plan is up to date and fully addresses the health IT developer’s Real World Testing requirements.