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Bridging the Health Plan/Provider Gap:
Data-Driven Collaboration for a Value-Based Future

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the HITECH Act paved the way for healthcare reform—and a transition toward value-based care (VBC), a model designed to drive more value for patients, providers, and health plans. 

Despite these efforts, the industry’s progress toward VBC has been slower than expected. What has been preventing the two key stakeholders—providers and health plans—from making progress more quickly? 

Azara Healthcare commissioned an independent survey of provider and health plan leaders to understand their current perspective on the shift to VBC—with a focus on the gaps holding them back and the opportunities to accelerate this critical work. 

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What current trust levels look like between providers and health plans - and what might be causing a breakdown.


Comparison of the challenges providers face around VBC compared to the core issues health plans are encountering.

What problems providers and health plans are most motivated to solve—and how to address them.

Provider and health plan leaders’ outlook on the rise of VBC Enablers.

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